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Tulisa may be claiming that shes ‘broke’ and ‘nobody wants her’, sarcastically of course, but having just won a tasty sum of money from a popular showbiz website, she’ll need little consolation.

The ex-Ndubs member just settled a lengthy legal battle against gossip site TNT for publishing a still picture from her famed sex tape.

Even though the company has now gone into administration, apparently the case was settled on the grounds that as the only mainstream media site to publish the stills, they encouraged readers to look for the illegal copies. After which, I can only assume they were sorely disappointed.

So having flopped her panel position on X-factor, her flat lining music career and implicating herself in drug deals, at least something good came of her sex tape. Now she’ll have £42,000 to start all over again. Oh well, there’s always Reality TV.

Speaking of which, Tulisa was spotted out partying on Wednesday at club DSTRKT with good friend and reality TV star Chelsee Healey. They were attending the birthday party of Tulisas make-up artist, Catherine Boden.