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Bald For Beiber

…Its sad and hilarious all at the same time. Immediately, I imagine an ocean of teenage girls (& some boys, mostly gay ones) with bald heads, all dying with devotion for Justin Bieber. The ‘Justin Bieber Cancer’ hoax is pure evil genius.

I mean Bieber Fever is a real thing. I’d be surprised if Selena Gomez hasn’t had death threats. Disregarding her pitiful singing career, She is a young, beautiful and for the most part talented girl which probably makes those Bieblers blind with fury. If they had any hair left, they’d be pulling it out in a jealous rage.

Of course my sympathy is with the fans that were naively sucked in by this vicious rumor  But at the same time teenagers are more computer literate than anyone, modern technology is a big part of the world they are growing up in, so how long does it take to verify a story as big as “Justin Bieber diagnosed with Cancer”. Don’t you think it would be all over the internet, radio, online news? and by online news I mean the BBC, Fox, Yahoo news. Not some rogue anonymous blog with no credible references.

More so, at any point did Justin Bieber directly ask you to shave your friggin’ head? did the Drake Tattoo fiasco teach you nothing?  if your one of the poor, naive teenagers that were taken in by this lie, let this be a lesson to you. I don’t know what lesson exactly but i’m sure there’s one in there somewhere… 


Tortoise & the hare maybe?…

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